Our Mission

As well as a love for the people, the passion for the industry and great success on the shop floor of the nail industry show how it is possible, with creativity, professionalism and the requisite social thinking, to be a pacesetter and a role model in an industry that is moving forward positively. Ina Maria Schmid developed the mission of the European Nail Association in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Dr. Mag. Christian Pongratz:


✔ It represents the interests of the European nail sector and campaigns for social recognition.

✔ It promotes competition and supports the quality of the regional academies through the member associations.

✔ It coordinates higher-level matters in accordance with the subsidiarity principle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subsidiarity) and collaborates with the authorities.

✔ It acknowledges the autonomy of the membership associations, supports the requirements for their activities and creates the operating conditions they need.

✔ It performs comprehensive and coordinating tasks.

✔ It imparts professionalism in matters of leadership and communication.

✔ It creates the conditions under which top results can be achieved in competitions.

✔ By supporting and mentoring the member associations and their competition candidates, she facilitates the achievement of wins and diplomas at national and international competitions.

✔ It supports existing potential in a manner that is systematic and focused on the future.

✔ It campaigns for the recognition of the nail sector as an important factor in the economy as well as for local government.

✔ It makes fairness, professionalism and skill a focus of competitions.

✔It bases its work on a strong work ethic, customer-focused services and project-specific teamwork.

✔ It actively communicates with the public media.

✔ It expresses its ideas for the future and the content of its work.

✔ It is engages in managing, promoting and developing competitions.

✔ It looks after and advices competition participants and academies.